HTTPS doesn’t mean safe

HTTPS doesn’t mean safe – We all use the Internet on daily basis, be it for social media, news or surfing. In all these processes, we ought to visit different websites. Now, most of the people using the internet are concerned about their safety on the web. This where web security issue arise.

Now, we tend to believe that the website having “Green Security Lock” symbol resembles we are safe on the web. Also, “Secure” is also mentioned with that symbol. Many users may have noticed the https written along with the URL of the website you visit.

The HTTPS stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure”.

HTTPS doesn’t mean safe

HTTPS doesn’t mean safe

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Now to make other non-technical users to understand the purpose of HTTP, we would try to put in easy language. The HTTP or HTTPS is needed to connect and exchange the data between two browsers that is the host browser and the guest browser. While making this transfer, there is a possibility that your data may be visible to other web users. And sometimes, it may get stolen without your permission.

To protect the user from this kind of a felony, HTTPS was introduced.

What does HTTPS actually do?

HTTPS protects the user by encrypting the data during the transfer of the information between two browsers. And to make the website safe and encrypted, the host has to get a certificate issued by the trusted certificate authority.

Now, the website has a green sign, secure label, and https attached to the URL. This means that your connection is secure(encrypted) with that website.

How is HTTPS is not safe?

We know that the website has https and it means a secure connection. Bur about the website itself? Does the website be a safe website or a phishing scam? Here are some points to think about before visiting a site with HTTPS.

  • What if the website you are visiting is fake and steals your personal information.
  • The website asks you to download some files and secretly installs a virus or malware.
  • They can also steal your personal information from your device like media files, important documents and even bank details saved on your device.
  • The transfer of data is encrypted that does not mean it cannot be decrypted by spammers and peek or steal your personal data while transferring.

How to be safe on the Internet?

  • Use a fine quality internet security software on your device.
  • Do not enter your personal information like logins, passwords, banking credentials on any website.
  • If you find any website to be a little suspicious, leave it immediately.
  • Stay away from fake or dummy websites.
  • Do not click on links sent to you from an unknown or unrecognized sender on your Email Address.

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“HTTPS doesn’t mean safe”

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