How to use Norton Clean for Android device?

Use Norton Clean Android device – Norton Security application is available not only for PC but also for the mobile device. Here we will discuss the Norton Clean for Android Device. The Android Device is being used by many out there. Although the Android tries to keep their device safe by providing constant updates for the users. But along with the matter of safety, the user faces the issues when the device starts to get slow.

Use Norton Clean Android device

Use Norton Clean Android device

The Norton Clean helps the user to manage their Storage Space by removing the residual files and optimize your memory. You can talk to a Norton technician to guide you about the Products that will be best for your needs. Simply call the Norton Support at the toll-free number or visit the website at

Know More About the Norton Clean

There is a wide range of Cleaner tool available in the market, especially for the Android device. But there are certain intriguing features of the Norton Clean that you must know to make your decision before installing one on your device.

  • When using an Android device, many users face issues with the storage memory.
  • Due to the usage of many applications, especially the social media application, the Android device a lot of cache data in the device.
  • The Norton Clean helps you clean this redundant data from your system and freeing your memory from the cache.
  • Another factor that affects the device performance is the residual data stored in it.
  • This residual data includes the APK files of the application that you have installed.
  • Also, help in removing the duplicate media files to save memory space from your system.

For Norton Clean for Mac review, visit the and read more informative blogs. And to know about the steps to get Norton Clean for Android Device, go to the next part.

How to get Norton Clean for Android Device?

The Norton Clean is available on the Google Play Store to install for free. For the detailed steps, you can read this list.

  • Terminate other applications running on your device, restart the phone if necessary.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  • On the search box of the Play Store, type “Norton Clean” and from the list of option, click on the Norton Clean.
  • Click on the install button and a download will start. After the download is finished, the installation will also automatically start.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the Norton Clean application on your device.
  • If prompted then visit the to sign in to your Norton Account.
  • Once you are done with Sign In, you can start cleaning your device.
  • Click on the Clean button to start analyzing the smartphone and remove the unnecessary files from your system.

The Norton Clean is available for Android 4.1 or above. Make sure your device is up to date before starting the installation steps.

If you are facing any problem with the Norton Clean application or any other Norton issue then call the Norton Support. Talk to a skilled technician to fix all your issues. You can also visit the and read blogs similar to Norton Clean for Android Device.

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